I'm ZolaMan! I live for love and die for justice.
There was a man who was united by justice and loyalty. Accidents happening everywhere
He could no longer sit on the sidelines due to the public security,
and he ate garlic in the lab for 100 days (and samgyeopsal...)
Creates a "Zola Man Transformation Set" to protect this chaotic world.
In case of an emergency, Zolaman, the guardian of love and justice,
who quickly transforms into a super action megahero Zolaman to defeat evil!
cool friend, Zolaman! WAGMI!!



Zola Ultra Capshong Cool
of Love and Justice


  • Name : Zolaman

    Position : Founder

    Comment : Live by love and die by justice

  • Name : MOO

    Position : PM/CM

    Comment : Carrot(wiggle wiggle)

  • Name : Yeseul

    Position : Spy

    Comment : ...(peeking)

  • Name : Bubbly

    Position : Designer

    Comment : I am so cute

  • Name : Rick

    Position : Web Dep

    Comment : (bump bump)

  • Name : MoMo

    Position : DC Manager

    Comment : Friends with me?


자주 묻는 질문들
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the purpose of the Zolaman NFT?
    • The goal is to be friends with people who have memories of Zolaman when they were young and to become a community of justice and loyalty centered on zolaman NFT
  • Where does minting take place?
    • Using the launchpad on the NFTMANIA website.
  • How many NFTs are minted in the collection?
    • The total NFT is 20,000, of which 10,000 are rare Gaejuki NFT owners, and 1,000 airdrops will be used as team supplies for marketing and business collab.
  • What kind of wallet do we need for minting?
    • We recommend using a Klip wallet